Dr Kishore George MDS

Dr. Kishore George, MDS, our Oral Surgeon at KDENTAL, specializes in a wide range of surgical procedures for oral health. With expertise and advanced facilities, he provides top-quality surgical care, from extractions to dental implants. Trust Dr. Kishore George for personalized treatment and precise oral surgery at KDENTAL.

Dr Anand Abraham (MDS)

Dr. Anand Abraham is our Orthodontist, holding an MDS degree. With expertise in orthodontics, he specializes in creating beautiful, well-aligned smiles. Dr. Anand Abraham is dedicated to helping patients of all ages achieve confidence through straighter, healthier smiles at KDental Implant Centre.

Dr. Aravind Pisharodi MDS

Dr. Aravind Pisharodi is our skilled and dedicated orthodontist, specializing in creating beautiful and well-aligned smiles. With a Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) degree in Orthodontics, he possesses the expertise and experience to address a wide range of orthodontic needs. Dr. Aravind Pisharodi is committed to helping patients of all ages achieve the confidence and comfort that come with a straight and harmonious smile.